domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

What should have been said.

I can't talk.

What happened? Why don't you say anything?
I can't talk. Anything about what?

When did this happen?
I can't talk. Nothing happened.

Why did you cry?
I'm weak. Hormones.

Why don't you just let go?
I just can't let you down. Let go of what?

How are you gonna be okay if you don't let yourself feel?
I don't know. I do feel.

Why can't you just say what is wrong?
I don't know how. There is nothing wrong.

You need to live one day after the other.
I already do. Ok.

Was there something that made you like this?
Yes. No.

Is there anything I can do?
Yes. No.

That is it? Then, I guess I am gonna go now.
No. Please, stay. Sure.

Bye then.
I am sorry. See ya.

You know, whenever you need to, just talk to me, okay?
I can't talk. How the hell am I supposed to re-learn now? I just want you to hug me.
I just want you to hug me, and never let go.
Of course.