domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011


"My boyfriend was in the Twin Towers during 9-11.
He called me to say he loved me and to look in his bedside table. Crying I found a small black box.
He told me to open it. His last words were 'I love you and always will, even when I'm nolonger here. Marry me?"
I still haven't taken off that ring.
His love even when he knew it was over GMH".

It was a tragedy. That day is known, and always will be kown, as a disaster.
But don't forget to smile for them. When you lose someone, you realise that everything has a new form. Everything you lived together deserves a smile. Deserves to never be forgotten.
For those who lost that everything, I am sorry.
No matter how hard and impossible feels to live without your everything, just remember - at one point, you had that everything. And for that, only, that everything deserves your smile.
Even if it is mixed with your tears.

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