quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2011

I don't even know how to begin or where to go with this.
You just...you have driven me mad for some time now. Your way of talking and your way of looking. Your way of making someone feel different.
Yesterday, was my last day at music school. And, for some reason, my teacher decided to tell me all about your aventuries.
Honestly? I don't what was worse - When she started talking about your one night stands, or when she talked about the girl you fell in love with and how she broke your heart.
I remember smiling and laughing about the stories, but damn it, I felt something ache inside of me.
She told me about the one night stand you had on the day of a musical presentation and I felt so stupid for going to compliment you that night.
She told me about how you fell in love with a 15 year old and how you would tell her, over and over, how in love you were with that girl. She kept talking, and I kept feeling more and more stupid. When she told me you weren't going out with anyone else because you were too into that girl, what I wanted to do, was tell her how you kept asking me out at that time. When she told me that you say so yourself that, when you go out with a girl, besides this one you fell for this year, it is just for fun, I felt even more stupid, more...nothing to you.
We were supposed to be friends, first. I am not that girl, the one that goes out with someone just for the fun, to mess around. And you know that.
You know. But that didn't stop you from trying, did it?
My sister says she really doesn't think you were asking me out just for the fun, since you know me, but, truth to be told? I don't care.
I may not have been in love with you, but yes, yes I liked you. I was "in like" with you. But you screwed that up, all by yourself for me. You didn't even need me for some help.
So, I am done. I am just done.
I am starting over.
I went in your class and I said my goodbye, since it was my last class, and I needed to put an end at it, myself.
You know the way people look at you when they believe it's for the last time?
That was one, right there.
That was my last look.
And honestly? '
It was about time.

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Jeh/JK disse...

"Então delete tudo aquilo que não valeu a pena. Quem mentiu, quem enganou seu coração, quem teve inveja, quem tentou destruir você, quem usou máscaras, quem te magoou, quem te usou e nunca chegou a saber quem realmente você é."
(Caio Fernando Abreu)