terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

An end.

The wind came and all you could think, was how cold the night had become. You kept trying to make it hotter and easier to breath, but It didn't work. It didn't get any simpler.
There you were, sitting on a bench, right in front of the hospital, with a full moon staring back at you, with trees whispering to the night. It was calm, in a way you had missed a lot in the last year. And you still couldn't breath. It seemed like there was something stuck in your throat, since the beggining, and you knew that you couldn't let go. Because once you did, there would be too many things lost to be ajusted. And you didn't have time to fix them.
You had missed that smile. The way it would make you believe everything would be alright, even when it actually wouldn't. Like now.
''Hi''. You tried giving him a smile back, but all you could do was hold back those tears. Those twelve month tears.
'' I'm sorry. You know for...well, you know, don't you?''
''Yeah...I know''.
All you could do was stare at him, hoping for something, for any change in his eyes, like in those old days. Nothing.
When it became too much, you got your stare back at that hospital, where you should be, and where you couldn't stand the thought of going back.
'' I really am sorry, you know. It wasn't on the plans, on anyone plans actually, and I know that it wasn't speacelly on your plans. I wish I could have done something...I wish I could have done anything.''
When you looked again in his eyes, that look was there and before you knew it, he hugged you. He hugged you the way you wanted someone to have hugged you before. He hugged you telling everything you wanted in that hug, the way you wanted someone to have done at some point. He kept whispering how sorry he was, and he wouldn't stop saying how it was time to let go. Time to really let go.
All you did, was hug him back, with all the force you had inside of you. You kept the tears, promissing youself you wouldn't cry, that it wasn't the time, and that it wouldn't be right to do so. He got up to leave, and you got your eyes fixed back to the hospital waiting for him to go.
'' But...it sure was worth it...wasn't it?'' When you finally realised what he was talking about, you half smiled to him,
'' yeah...yeah, it was.''
He left, and you cried.
God, you cried.

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