domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

Love Never Lasts.

There was something about that kiss. There was something about the way he kissed you, quick, and certain it would happen again. Certain it wasn't the last time.
That day hadn't turned out the way you thought it would, at all. One minute you were walking, laughing with your friends and the other you looked up, crossed his eyes, and he sent you that smile that would make you smile without even realising.
Suddenly you were talking. Suddenly he was Hugging you. Suddenly you were hugging him back. Suddenly you couldn't look away from his eyes, and suddenly you couldn't stop talking to each other.
Suddenly a whole day had passed, and you didn't feel like you had missed a moment.
Suddenly you were in an airplane and He was right next to you, and you were still talking. You were confortable, laying your head in his shoulder, playing with his hands and once in a while laughing about something he said. Other times, silence would feel enough.
Next to you there were many people who you had traveled with, and once in a while, you would turn to their side, talk, laugh, talk some more, he would join you, and later you would go back to how it was before.
Suddenly, the plane landed, he looked at you and smiled while you said "We are home!".
He helped you get up, held your waist and with one hand in your neck, kissed you.
There was something about the way it felt like something that should have happened before. Something about the way he looked at you, and something about the way he smiled at you.
And then, You woke up.

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M. disse...

damn, C.
did it have to be a dream?