sexta-feira, 30 de julho de 2010

Let It Be.

A part of me always thought that, at some point, It would end. That some things are not meant to always happen, that some moments are not meant to keep hurting. That some memories, are supposed to be forgotten over time and that, there is a limit for a heart to be broken. The truth? There is not. A heart can be broken over and over again. There is not a limit. It just goes on. By the same person, over and over again, time after time. Then, by someone else. By a moment. By a memorie. It never stops.
The funny part about a heart with no limits is that you can not let it bother you. If you do, there will always be someone who finds you weak, even if this someone was never alone. By this point, It doesn't matter for how long you have been by yourself or even if someday you actually had someone, you have to not care, so this way - in other people's eyes - you are not wrong.
Another funny part about a heart with no limits is that, after some time, it's not about you not letting anyone in. It's about not knowing how. The first time you do it to protect yourself. The second, for fear. The third, for missing words. And, suddenly, no matter how much you try to let yourself go, you have no idea where to begin.
Another detail - one used to hold you still - is that memories hunt you. They hunt you by songs, and by looks and even by colors. They hunt you until what you was forced to forget comes back. And it always comes back. No matter how much you try not to. That is another important detail - It will never be up to you.
One thing people should know is that a heart is like a map. Leaving a place does not mean you have never been there before. If you look at the end of the map, the part where you once were and had been forgotten, is still there. It only means you took another step. You moved from where you were before. But that place, it's marked, because it happened. And, some way, it's still there. Like a scar. And despite of what people say, time do not heal a scar but, somehow, even the angriest scars gets smaller and smaller until you can barelly see it at all. The only thing that stays is the memorie of how painful it was. Also, after so long walking, there is a time that when you look at the map and see where you have been once, you can not remember how to feel that way being where you are now.
Finally, there is the moment where you get to the end of the road. You are at your destination and that is it. Thing is, that part, in the beggining, can not feel alright with this just being it. With keeping getting your heart broken by the same person. With only meeting the wrong ones. All you can think is that there must be a limit for a heart to be broken so many times. That one place, can not keep you from trusting and going and trying. That a scar can not stay there and stop you every single time. And because of this thought, you take another rode, a leap of faith. Because you know that limits don't exist. Because you know that there is no safety net. Because you know, that in just one wrong turn, It can all go down again. Because you know how much it hurt each time, and how it can hurt again, even more. But you go. You go to give yourself another shot. You go until you can't see the rode behind you anymore. You go until there is only the map there to remind you the places you crossed and more important, that you actually crossed them.

"And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, There will be an answer, let it be... For though they may be parted, There is still a chance that they will see... There will be an answer let it be... Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be... There will be an answer, let it be..."

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