quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010


Its written in our tomorrow, as a present from our yesterday - We forget. We forget what we ate last night, we forget the last word we spoke to a random stranger, and we forget if we did what we were supposed to do that day.
But there are some things, things that, along time, we shouldn't forget but we do it, anyway. We forget words that we should remember every day. We forget a smile. And, soon, we forget a face. Here is what comes with forgetting - you also become "forgetfull" for someone out there. Someone you hope won't do so. And the feeling about being forgotten is different. It doesn't actually makes any sound. It's like that whisper, you barely heard but, with no doubts, happened.
And when the only person you never forgot, or will ever forget, forgets you, that, right there, hurts more than anything else.
You become "forgetfull" for someone unforgetfull. To the one person you hoped would never forget. And that, just that, simply changes everything.
Whatever everything means.

"I am impossible to forget, but hard to remember" - Elizabethtown.

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M. disse...

"The worst feeling is being forgotten by some one you will never forget."

You're unforgettable.