quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

When You Have to Stop being Selfish.

It was so loud, that you barelly could hear the sound of your own thoughts. You kept walking, first puting your shorts and then your sandals, and when your hand was free, it would go straight to your heart, like you were holding it, hoping that this way, it would make things better.
There was something about that moment, about the look she had in her eyes - one you were already familiar with - that made you hold yourself in front of that door, deciding or not if letting go and leaving would actually make things easier.
You learn when you are little that life can't be seen as the way you expect it. That the moments - the ones that keep you going- won't always be there, and that it's something you have to look for, because if you don't, they will never exist. They will never be real. And that, in those moments it's not up to your want, or your hopes, it's about doing the right thing. And between the right choice and the wrong, there is a lifetime. And once you have to face it, millions of thoughts, and millions of minutes you lived passes through you head. And also the ones you didn't yet.
Maybe that is what made you stay where you were. Maybe that is what set your mind and told you to stop being selfish and do what was right. Maybe that is what made you look in her eyes, and made you ask your biggest fear. Maybe that is what kept you still, and what left time hanging hoping for an answer, whatever it would be.
While you grow up, you learn what unhappiness means little by little. That, be unhappy, means that there wasn't a moment worth it, and that when you look behind you can't see laughter. There is a point where you realize that today won't always be happy, and it won't always be funny. And how you hope to pass throught it, is up to you.
Yesterday may have been full of laughter or full of cry, just how it can be tomorrow. You will never know. And to say you are unhappy means that you do know, and that you can't hope for a better day any longer.
Unhappiness is unfair, and unhappines is real just if you want it to be.
After you asked her, after the silence, you left that room and you went straight to your bedroom, and locked the door.
You sat in your bed, and you started trying to get your breath back.
That, right there, is the moment you realise that you will lose your breath again, without even knowing, without even hoping for a reason. And that, right there, is when you see you can cope, and you can go on, cause after everything is done and said, you can still get your breath back.
Doesn't matter how long it takes.

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